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Adip’ Sculpt Easyfill

EASYILL® is a double-sealed single-use kit for lipofilling, used in aesthetic or reconstructive surgery procedures to enhance the volume of subdermal areas through the injection of adipose microlobules. While EASYFILL ® is mainly used for facial rejuvenation, it can also be used on various parts of the body where small lipofilling volumes are required.

  • Specially-designed MICROFILL® EASYFILLL ® multi-hole lipoaspiration can nu las allow sampling and injection of very fine adipose lobules that will easily be vascularised, optimising fat retention.
  • Aspiration with low negative pressure increases cellular survival.
  • lnjection through extremely fine cannulas facilitates easy and non-traumatic injections.
  • The ADIP’Sculpt procedure minimises post-operative inflammation of injected adipose tissue further improving retention rates.
  • he whole procedure is performed in a closed circuit which reduces risk of infection for patients.