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Adip’ Sculpt Macrofill medium

The MACROFILL® medium kit is a sterile, double-sealed, single-use kit tor harvesting, processing and re-injecting adipose microlobules to enhance the volume of sub-dermal areas. MACROFILL ® medium by Adip’sculpt is ideal tor medium-volume lipomodelling, such as breast augmentation, breast reconstruction and scar revision.

  • Specially-designed MAC.ROFILL® medium multi-hole lipoaspiration cannula selectively harvest small adipose lobules. MAC.ROFILL ®medium allows sampling and injection of very fine, intact adipose lobules that have a greater likelihood of being vascularised, thus optimising fat retention.
  • lncremental 60 ml syringes (SPINFILL®) allowing control of the negative pressure to reduce damage to adipose cells and increase cellular survival.
  • Removable plunger allows centrifugation of the syringe.
  • Adip’sculpt soft centrifugation protocols cause less trauma to adipose cells and remove fluids, further improving fat retention.
  • Adip’sculpt wash protocols increase cell and tissue survival by eliminating toxic molecules.
  • The Adip’sculpt procedure minimises post-operative inflammation of injected adipose tissue, further improving retention rates.
  • The whole procedure is performed in a closed circuit which reduces risk of infection for patients.