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  • A round, textured breast implant
  • Silogel™: 6th-generation, soft, form stable, high-cohesion silicone gel,that is virtually unbreakable
  • SiloGard™ 360° Barrier layer

Impleo™ is the original 6th generation breast implant, developed with leading breast implant technology that considers the unmet needs of the surgeon. Designed specifically with surgeon feedback, Impleo™ uses cohesive gel that is virtually unbreakable. It’s a round, textured breast implant using a soft, form stable gel. It’s changing the paradigm in breast implants.

We designed Impleo™ with feedback from surgeons for softness and form stability. With a selection of profiles differentiated by volume (weight) or by base width, Impleo™ provides an increased choice for both surgeons and patients.

Patients can expect comfort & reliability with Impleo™ by GC Aesthetics, with a soft, form stable gel for maximum performance and which provides improved adhesion between the gel and shell.


De hoogste kwaliteit

What makes the Silogel™ gel different?

Silogel™ is unique compared to all other gels that are in the market. This is because Silogel™ offers high cohesiveness, but is also soft at the same time. Silogel™ is used in all GC Aesthetics implants in the Nagor range.

Usually, when gels have high cohesiveness, they are firmer, however, our products offer softness and comfort as well as high performance. This offers patients breast implants that are more aesthetically like the touch and feel of a natural breast.

The SiloGard™ 360° Barrier layer is designed to minimize gel diffusion.


Covered by the GCA Comfort Plus Warranty

IMPLEO™ breast implants are covered by the GCA Comfort Plus Warranty, a comprehensive lifetime warranty.

Our warranty covers free of charge replacement of the implants in the event of rupture, free of charge replacement of the implants in the event of capsular contracture (Grade III or IV on the Baker scale) and free of charge replacement of implants and costs for surgery up to $3,000 in a clinically diagnosed and confirmed case of BIA-ALCL.

Our warranty shows our commitment to women’s health and our complete confidence in the safety of our products.