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Nouvag LipoSurg

  • 400 ml/min infiltration
  • Up to 4200 strokes
  • Power liposuction
  • Large display with high contrast
  • Multifunctional pedal

The LipoSurg system combines the functions of infiltration and motor-assisted vibration liposuction into a single, compact device. The desired values for infiltration and liposuction are set by selecting the function and pressing the ascending or descending arrow keys. Once the values are set, the liposuction or infiltration can be controlled by the VARIO or the ON/OFF pedal.

The extraction of fat requires the connection of this compact system with the Nouvag high vacuum pump “Vacuson 60”. The high flow rate of 60 liters per minute is ideal for efficient liposuction.

Integrated high volume infiltration system with bal- anced pressure for tissue protection and a flow rate of 400 ml/min.

The LipoSurg-System designed for Liposuction unites the infiltration and the electrically supported liposuction in a single, compact device. The high infiltration performance of the integrated peristaltic pump together with the further developed Conform Cannula Handpiece with optimized suction channel and an improved visibility of the field of work result in a perfectly matched all-in-one device for the daily use.