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The Matrix

  • An anatomical, textured breast implant
  • ParaGel™: form stable high cohesive silicone gel
  • ParagelGard™ 360° Barrier Layer
  • Cristalline™ Texture
  • 7 orientation marker dots

The Matrix by GC Aesthetics are anatomical textured breast implants with a firm upper pole and a firmer gel (Paragel), patients can expect trusted results, with retained shape.

The Matrix features tapered edges for less visibility and palpability.  Available for all core sizes, the 360-degree barrier layer of Paragel Guard is a reassuring and comforting choice. 


What is Paragel™?

Paragel is the high cohesive, medical grade gel, used in all GC Aesthetics implants in the Eurosilicone range. It provides controlled gel distribution and is available in both Soft and Natural cohesives; giving more options to surgeons and patients.

ParagelGard™ 360° is the protective barrier, which has specific technology designed to minimise gel diffusion. The barrier is also present at the product patch, completely covering the implant.


Covered by the GCA Comfort Plus Warranty

The Matrix breast implants are covered by the GCA Comfort Plus Warranty, a comprehensive lifetime warranty.

Our warranty covers free of charge replacement of the implants in the event of rupture, free of charge replacement of the implants in the event of capsular contracture (Grade III or IV on the Baker scale) and free of charge replacement of implants and costs for surgery up to $3,000 in a clinically diagnosed and confirmed case of BIA-ALCL.

Our warranty shows our commitment to women’s health and our complete confidence in the safety of our products.